GM Web3 Lovers! This week I will deep dive into Opensea BAYC case [Timoty Mickimmy (BAYC #3455) v Opensea]
I already started using “If Metaverse was live, I wouldn’t have to go to this meeting in person.” slack statuses.What are the risks of Metaverse from a…
Whenever I read opinions about flipping an onchain company, Gibraltar was always mentioned as an option. It made me curious!
In this issue, I’m welcoming Sena to deep dive into an important decision: Is my token a utility token or a security token?
DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization
SAFT: Simple Agreement For Future Token
I’m going to deep dive into Web3 legal problems. The first issue explains what’s on my mind. Please join me along the way!
This is Understanding Web3 Legal Implications, a newsletter about Web3 Legal.
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Understanding Web3 Legal Implications